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Rehabilitation Training for Tired/Damaged Voices.

With Elisa James Th.M., M.Mus.
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Change your Voice - Change your Life

$27.00 USD

What makes you sound the way you do? Some people hate the sound of their own voice. If this sounds like you and you ...

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Save My Voice

$497.00 USD

This course is perfect for anyone who uses their voice (their best asset) for their career. The way we speak is our b...

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"“The results I have had within just 6 weeks of working with Elisa have been incredible. As a business consultant, my communication skills and confidence to clearly deliver my knowledge to clients has risen to a whole new level!“ Lewis Haydon Business Coach"

Lewis Haydon
Business Coach, UK

"“I WENT FROM AFRAID TO SPEAK IN FRONT OF A SMALL GROUP TO SPEAKING IN FRONT OF OVER 150 ENTREPRENEURS WITH EASE.” “My 6-week coaching with Elisa James completely transformed how I felt about public speaking and being on camera. Before I met Elisa, I was a business owner who was frustrated with my lack of confidence speaking in front of audiences and being on camera – and I hated my voice. After working with Elisa, I am not only confident, but my voice has changed, people listen and my words have impact. I have spoken in front of large audiences of over 150 entrepreneurs, been interviewed for both recorded video and live – and am regularly in front of the camera, which I now love!“ Sarah Crawford Business Owner"

Sarah Crawford
Business Owner/ Public Speaker


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