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Speaker Maintenance and Projection Course
Led by Award-Winning Voice Coach and Speaking Authority, Elisa James, this course is designed to get results!

“Over and over again, I see business leaders, speakers and coaches being let down by their voice. Their success in business has led them to speaking more and a side effect of this is they are constantly losing their best asset, their voice! I saw this as a huge problem and set out to help…” - Elisa James


Hi, I’m Elisa James,

Let me ask you…

Why do we see so many speakers, leaders and those in the public eye either losing their voice, or sounding croaky, tired, monotone or annoying when they speak? These are people in places of AUTHORITY, the people who have something IMPORTANT to say, the people whose words can create positive change in the world.

Obviously, they don’t all completely lose their voice. You do, however, hear the effects of when someone has been speaking all day. It might be a croaky voice, or a dry sound where they need to keep drinking water because they are having trouble speaking or they don’t project their voice as they did at the beginning of the day.

Looking after your voice is vital if you speak all day for work.

But VERY FEW people understand how to do it well. Most don’t know where to START.

What happens as a result is you avoid speaking or have to cancel events where you need to speak.

Imagine, as your career is growing and you are becoming more successful…. You are being held back because your voice is letting you down.

Frustrating comes to mind. But it doesn’t have to be, with some simple and consistent techniques to save your voice.

Please let me be direct and clear with you…

You are a leader and your VOICE IS YOUR BEST ASSET…

So, why is it letting you down?  

Why are you not speaking all day, every day, creating more change in the world, earning more money and moving faster in your career?

After all this time, you have worked too hard to be let down by your voice.

You deserve to be heard.

No doubt, you’ve seen highly-paid speakers, leaders and voices of authority speak all the time who don’t have a problem. They seem to do it with ease.

And YOU have the PASSION and DRIVE to be as good as them – if not better, right?

So, what’s stopping you?

The problem isn’t that you don’t want to.

There is one big problem that is obvious.

The issue is you don’t know HOW TO look after your voice.

Isn’t that a bit of truth right there? You know you need to do this, but where to start is the big question.

You don’t know what to DO – each day and before, during and after you speak – so you can make a BIG IMPACT when you speak – all day, every day.

Does that sound familiar?

Maybe you’re afraid you’ll be looked down upon because you don’t know…

… but how could you know if you’ve never be shown.

Your SUCCESS doesn’t need to stop or slow down because of your voice.

It’s SMART to look after your voice, after all it’s your best asset.

It’s SMART to learn the best vocal techniques available to help your voice THRIVE when you are speaking all the time.

It’s SMART to invest in what is your BEST ASSET, your voice.

If you agree with what I am saying, then I am sure you’ll also agree it’s SMART to not only learn what to do but get the BEST TRAINING from someone who has an amazing track record for getting RESULTS worldwide.

Someone who also understands what it’s like to LOSE YOUR VOICE and have it impact not only your voice but your career and personal life.

That’s me, Elisa James.

And I want to help YOU.

That’s why I am inviting you to join my course, Save My Voice – so you can not only SAVE your voice from harm, but learn how to speak with power, resonance, control and confidence at all times…. With a voice that SOARS!

Look over this page, read the testimonials and watch the video. Please, do yourself a favour, for YOU, for your career and for your personal growth – for your future SUCCESS – SIGN UP.

I offer a money-back guarantee, so you’re in the right place.

You have a message to share with the world. You can use your speaking voice to help you grow, succeed and make more money by ensuring your vocal communication is always at its best. You can be seen (and heard) as the authority and leader you actually are… but first you need to step up and get the proper training to get you there.

Join the SAVE MY VOICE course and you will learn the skills and tools you need to “save your best asset”- your voice. Once you have completed the course, you will have a vocal toolbox for life, and will be able to control your voice in any situation, and project with power, confidence and ease.

Don't Miss Out!

Join the SAVE MY VOICE course and I’ll teach you the skills and tools you need to ‘save your best asset’ – your voice. Once you learn the tools and skills, you will be set for life and able to control your voice quality project and volume, any time you want.

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The Course is mapped out in 5 Modules:

  1. Identification of Vocal Issues and Vocal Branding
  2. Breathing and Breath Management
  3. Phonation and Sound-Making
  4. Nutrition and Vocal Health
  5. Voice Exercises

One Off Payment (SAVE $53)


The Course is mapped out in 5 Modules:

  1. Identification of Vocal Issues and Vocal Branding
  2. Breathing and Breath Management
  3. Phonation and Sound-Making
  4. Nutrition and Vocal Health
  5. Voice Exercises

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Save My Voice

Course Description


Save My Voice – Speaker Maintenance and Projection Course teaches both professional and aspiring speakers how to use their voice correctly for business, so they never lose it!

This course is written for professional voice users of every kind. If you use your voice for your job or career, then this course is for you. Most of us in business need to do a presentation, lead a training session or speak in public from time to time and so many people use their voice in an inefficient way which leads to sore throats, tension, strain and voice fatigue. If you have ever lost your voice or strained it while speaking up over a noisy environment, you will know firsthand how annoying, frustrating and stressful it is not to have a voice!

This course guarantees you will learn how to use the correct muscles for breathing, speaking and supporting the voice for ALL situations in life and work. Once you learn the tools and skills you need to “save your best asset”, you will be set for life and be able to control your voice quality, projection and volume, any time you want. A strong, resonant, powerful and projected healthy voice is waiting for you!


Save My Voice is perfect for… 

  • Public Speakers
  • Motivational Speakers
  • Actors
  • Singers
  • Business Coaches
  • Life Coaches
  • Fitness Instructors
  • Teachers
  • And anyone who uses their voice for their job for many hours a day


Save My Voice is a complete instruction and maintenance manual for the voice!

The Course is mapped out in 5 Modules:

  • Identification of Vocal Issues and Vocal Branding
  • Breathing and Breath Management
  • Phonation and Sound-Making
  • Nutrition and Vocal Health
  • Voice Exercises


In this course you will learn: 

  • Correct Breathing Technique for both rest and speaking
  • Correct Phonation patterns to assure a clear, healthy vocal sound at all times.
  • Correct support technique which will save your voice from straining.
  • How to identify psychological patterns and beliefs that are currently affecting your voice.
  • Identify your vocal strengths and weaknesses.
  • How to find the best resonance for your speaking sound.
  • How to find the best pitch for your speaking voice
  • How to improve your breath control and adjust airflow during speech.
  • How to rehabilitate your voice after vocal abuse, misuse or overuse.
  • Complete vocal exercise program with videos, workbook and audio files for home practice.
  • Complete Health and Nutrition manual with guidelines on what to eat and drink for optimal voice health
  • How to care for a sick voice – what to do when illness affects our sound.
  • And much more…




One Payment (SAVE $53)



Cancel Anytime with 30-Day Advance Notice.

"There are vocal coaches and then there is the precious gem… Elisa James! Elisa brings it on, in abundance, full of empathy, soul and character – she has the unique ability to work her magic through the layers of each of her students, helping them discover their inherent and unique gift."

Sandra Bravo
International Speaker

This is a world-renowned voice authority here to give YOU her TOOLS to save your voice.


Meet your Trainer, Elisa James


Elisa James is an Award-Winning International Performer and Voice Coach with more than 30 years’ experience world-wide as an entertainer, speaker and singer.


Elisa was a full-time performer for 30 years, combining teaching with performing for the past twenty. Elisa has taught workshops, seminars and private voice sessions in Australia, Europe and the USA using her signature courses HAPS – The Holistic Approach to Public Speaking and Singing. The High Performance Voice Academy encompasses her HAPS courses and dedication to the voice.


This all seems extravagant, but Elisa started off just like YOU!


“I began my life as an extremely shy little girl who longed for life on the stage. My innate anxiety and lack of self-esteem created a huge stumbling block in my life. To overcome these problems, I adopted this motto given to me by a successful fellow performer: Feel the fear and do it anyway which led me to a successful 30-year career in the Entertainment industry – stage, film, TV, and cruise ships despite being a naturally shy person. 


I am now committed to helping others break through any blockages to self-expression that may be holding them back. Whatever it is you are afraid of – therein lies its own reward if only you could be brave enough to try. 


After decades of performing for a living in front of thousands of people worldwide, I have developed confidence and skill which has enhanced not only my career but my quality of life in general. Without a good grounding in the performing arts, I would not have become who I am today. I am so grateful that this experience has improved my life on every level: Mentally, emotionally, physically and vocally. If I can do it, so can you!

So, if you are a Speaker, Singer, Actor or anyone who uses their voice for their living – Voice Training can truly change your life for the better. My goal is to help you sound resonant, powerful, confident and articulate so you can have a better quality of life, clear communication skills, and achieve your wildest career dreams. It all starts with the voice. So, what are you waiting for?”


Elisa figured out the hard way what happens when you lose your voice, so she can show you how to START looking after your voice and SUCCEED as a speaker and leader right NOW!


Elisa doesn’t just teach this course, she understands what it’s like to have your career come to a grinding halt because that’s what happened to her when she lost her voice.


Elisa knows what it’s like to experience the pain from speaking all the time when you don’t have the right skills and tools to maintain your vocal health.


Her experience led her to create SAVE MY VOICE so YOU don’t have to experience the pain and negative impact of losing your best asset.


In SAVE MY VOICE, Elisa simplifies it all in easy to understand strategies and tactics anyone can do.


These techniques work for EVERYONE…

Yes, that’s YOU too, even if you’re just getting started!


No matter where you are in your career or even if you haven’t lost your voice, you can learn the techniques that will allow your voice to be at its best.


You don’t have to worry about anything in the course, Elisa keeps it simple.


 Speakers from all around the world are turning to Elisa to do her courses.


Is the course worth it?


Well, if you’re voice is a part of your career now, or what you’re striving it to be, then it’s worth every dollar.


The key to success in this course? Follow the step-by-step techniques and use the tools Elisa teaches you.




One Payment (SAVE $53)



Cancel Anytime with 30-Day Advance Notice.

Many vocal teachers over three decades have influenced the HAPS method, including:

  • Irene Bartlett – Queensland Conservatorium, Contemporary Voice Professor (AUS)
  • Max Speed – Sydney Opera Company Voice teacher – (AUS)
  • Patricia Oertel – Sydney Conservatory Classical Voice teacher – (AUS)
  • Bob Tasman-Smith – World renowned Voice teacher of Contemporary styles -(AUS)
  • Estill Voice Training System (EVTS) – Vocal Physiology Training Rotterdam Conservatory (EUR)
  • Seth Riggs – Speech Level Singing Training System – (USA)
  • Brett Manning – Singing for Success – (USA)


Certificates and degrees that influenced the development of my HAPS programs include:

  • Master’s Degree – Vocal Pedagogy, Queensland Conservatorium (AUS)
  • Bachelor of Science Degree – in Holistic Nutrition, Clayton College of Natural Health (USA)
  • Master’s Degree – Holistic Health and Spiritual Counselling, Holos University (USA)
  • AMEB Classical Singing Exams – Sydney Conservatorium of Music (AUS)
  • Piano and Arranging Certificate – Sydney Conservatorium of Music (AUS)
  • Grief, Loss and Trauma Counselling Certificate – Paradise Kids/Hopewell Hospice (Gold Coast, AUS)
  • NLP Certification – Camperdown Hospital training (Sydney AUS)
  • Reiki Level 1 and 2 – Energetic healing certification – (Florida, USA)
  • ACHPER Certification – Fitness Instructor Training – (Sydney AUS)


QUESTIONS? Email Elisa at



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