Save My Voice

This course is perfect for anyone who uses their voice (their best asset) for their career. The way we speak is our best asset for business, and your vocal instrument must be kept in peak shape at all times. If you use your voice for work, this course is for YOU!

People are judging you every day: by the way we look, stand, conduct ourselves, our body language, facial expressions, the sound of our voice and the way we speak... So what messages are you sub-consciously communicating to others that you don't mean to?

Remember the studies have shown us that 93% of all communication is NOT about the words we say... it's about all the other factors mentioned above. So, by learning how to master your vocal instrument and how the sound of your voice can affect others, you will improve your communication skills, confidence, speaking impact and increase revenue in your business.

Sales improve, and corporate confidence is raised when people can communicate and connect with each other with confidence and calm clarity.

This foundational course is perfect for ALL VOICE USERS that need to master their voice to improve their life AND their business. Eg: Public Speakers, Teachers, Trainers, Business Owners, Fitness Instructors, Entrepreneurs, Professors, Life Coaches, Real Estate Auctioneers, Call Centre workers, Aspiring Speakers, Actors, Psychologists, Hypnotherapists, Motivational Speakers, Tony Robbins coaches, NLP trainers. etc etc. In Module 5, there are tangible voice drills on video and MP3 for you to exercise and strengthen your voice and even help it recover from speaking fatigue.

Many people lose their voice often, or feel throat pain and fatigue when speaking for long periods of time. This foundational course will prevent further voice damage and help you rehabilitate your voice if you have been using it incorrectly.

So, join me and SAVE your BEST ASSET - Save your Voice. My goal is for YOU to have a strong, clear, confident voice for LIFE! It's my passion.

I am here to help get you where you need to be - vocally speaking. So, if you are using your voice for your career and rely on your instrument to deliver your message day after day, week after week, then this course is a MUST!


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